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SPB and NRP Service in Quality Control of Mandatory SNI
By: Esther Setiawati

Often we hear complaints from the public and business actors who say that the public service sector is complex, bureaucratic highly convoluted, there is no certainty of the completion period, the amount of costs to be incurred, the requirements are not transparent, the attitude of officers who are less friendly and others, giving rise to an unfavorable image of the government in the eyes of society. Refer back to the public service sector, providing services such as electricity. Often times a blackout and its handling is slow but this is considered normal. But, if the power user community whose contributions paid late, direct electric break. Also about the provision of clean water, the water supplied is sometimes cloudy, smells bad and is not suitable for consumption for everyday purposes. There is another problem in health care and treatment. Lots of complaints of people who have difficulty in getting health care facilities in the area until the high cost of treatment itself. Unlike the private service that is always customer satisfaction. They actually encourage it provides the best quality service in line with expectations and the expectations of its customers, which in turn increases customer loyalty.
It is time the government changed the way today's society regarding the public service sector is given. Remember that the government is the servant of society. So, do not have the arrogance to dominate the government in public service opposite the service is friendly, fast, easy, efficient and convenient.
In the practice of good governance, public services both for licensing and non-licensing is a form of government services to the community and businesses.

Goods Quality Supervision Center (PPMB) is one work unit within the Ministry of Commerce which has the task of monitoring and service activities to business actors in the field of quality control.

Mandatory SNI quality control for imported goods made through Letter of Admission of Goods (SPB), while for domestic production through Product Registration Number (NRP).

SNI Compulsory Supervision Imported Goods
SPB is to document the results of verification of conformity of quality issued by PPMB against import documents that SNI was enacted mandatory and given to the importer. In order to control the effectiveness of its SNI goods shall be applied in the implementation of the SPB is used as a document that must be attached on the importation of goods that is as an attachment Notice of Imported Goods (PIB) current expenditures from the customs area.

In the SPB contained Registration Number Item (NPB) is also given to the importer to traceability implementation of quality control of imported goods Compulsory SNI. NPB is used as the basis for controlling goods in the market. NPB can be traced through the country of origin of imported goods, the goods imported brands, importers who import and Product Certification Institution (LS Pro) that issued the User Product Certificate of SNI Mark (SPPT-SNI).

Domestic Production of Goods Supervision SNI Compulsory
NRP is the identification number issued by PPMB given to domestically produced goods that SNI was enacted mandatory before trading. NRP can be traced through the mill and the location of the goods manufacturer, brand goods produced, and Product Certification Institution (LS Pro) which issued SPPT-SNI.

Scope of Services
In order to improve the competitiveness of domestic production of goods imported products and to protect consumers from the aspect of K3L (Health, Safety, Security and Environment), Indonesia has implemented a compulsory applied SNI for imported products and similar products are produced in the country and will be traded in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Currently there are 64 products that SNI has enforced its mandatory by the relevant technical agencies and have been notified to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

PPMB already using a computerized information system-based services or electronic Government (e-government) in providing services SPB (SPB Web Application) to the importer. With SPB application has, the filing so much easier and able to accelerate the publishing process SPB. To obtain information through the issuance of SPB can INATRADE system to the National Single Window (NSW). INATRADE is a service system for the licensing process transparent nature provided the Ministry of Commerce and can be directly integrated into Indonesia National Single Window (INSW).

PPMB SPB provides counter service with service rooms are comfortable and equipped with four computers for data entry electronically. Assisted with the officer receiving a friendly and welcoming, PPMB want to provide the best service for business people.

SPB registration service is currently still "semi on-line" ie registration through the electronic process at registration booth. Business actors come to the Reception Counters PPMB SPB in the office by bringing SPB requirements document in the form of non-negotiable and BL-SNI SPPT original. Officers receiver will perform a complete document. Once complete, the applicant fill out form-entry data (self-assessment) through the module counter (to SPB). The next business submit supporting documents above and officers gave a receipt of documents.

Processing stages of SPB by PPMB done by printing the SPB through the module field to SPB and the signing by the Chief PPMB. In the field there is also a module form-entry and printing of NPB, Company Profiles, etc.. SPB Web Application Module is also equipped with Executive Information System (EIS) is a complete data processing applications with a variety of reporting model. Existing data associated with the SPB. This module is aimed at policy-making and supervision publishing PPMB SPB.

SPB which has been signed by Chief PPMB sent to the NSW through INATRADE (this process is on line). Business actors can see the status of SPB (to which the documents are filed, whether the process is finished or / not) or any other term is Document Tracking on the website by filling out the entry key for the NPB and the SPB. INATRADE status column in this application can be accessed by the business without the need for registration.

For business people who have done through the Document Tracking INATRADE, can quickly fill the PIB module, do the custom clearance and took the last new SPB in the counter service.

The maintenance period is also quite fast SPB commencing from receipt of complete documents to check the status and take the SPB only take a maximum of five working days and cost of SPB borne by the state.



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