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Yon Haryono | Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 8:15 PM | Viewed: 38 | Comments: 0


DEMAK ( - Melamine made ​​in China with no sign of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) was confiscated. Place food made of melamine were seized from one of the modern mini raid by a joint team of processed food products Health Office (PHO) Demak, Tuesday (16/07/2013).

Head of Food Beverage Sector Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies DKK Demak, Dian Arisanti said the seizure to avoid consumers from products that contain substances harmful to health. Melamine is commonly used to make tableware is a polymer formed from the reaction between phenol and formaldehyde. 'If imitation is the result of compound melamine and urea formaldehyde. Melamine quality is not as good as the original and can also be harmful to health, "he said.

According to Dian, concerns, not in spite of the danger of release of compounds contained in artificial melamine that could endanger health. Tableware made ​​of melamine tend to be more resistant to rupture than dishes or glasses made of glass. In addition, melamine is also relatively more heat resistant than plastic.

Furthermore, he said, is actually in the melamine tableware melamine are not harmful if used is genuine.

Properties are similar to fake melamine melamine original and different when viewed directly is not much. However, when viewed from its chemical structure, this fake melamine compounds are more susceptible to factors that may cause the release of the compound melamine. (BDI)

Sources:, Wednesday, July 17, 2013.



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